Boondall Veterinary Surgery

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2270 Sandgate Road, (Corner of Roghan Rd) Boondall QLD 4034.

Veterinary care & pet information services

The Boondall Veterinary Surgery has been purposefully built to enable you to access our friendly services and information facilities which we have provided for your convenience.

Veterinary articles

Professionally written veterinary articles and stories to help you and your pet.

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Boondall Veterinary Surgery

Companion Pet Services at Boondall Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary services at Boondall Veterinary Surgery

    Pet dentistry at Boondall Veterinary Surgery
  • Dentistry - ultrasonic scaler, polisher
  • Dermatology - skin scrapings, large range of medicated shampoos
  • Surgery - Desexing, Lump removals, etc
  • Consultation for medical problems and surgical problems
  • Nutritional advice and large product range
  • Puppy Preschool
  • Vaccinations - Kitten, puppy and annual
  • Flea control advice and products
  • In-house laboratory
  • Heartworm prevention advice and products
  • 20 minute appointments with written reports
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